Tous les produits MEDIS Medical Technology

Autopsy Tables up to 350 kgs

Autopsy Tables with Sidewall Downdraft Extraction

Multi-Function Autopsy, Dissecting and Embalming Tables

Student Dissecting Tables with Extraction for Gross Anatomy

Whole Body Preservation / Preservation Tanks with Lid

Embalming Systems / Perfusion-Systems with Extraction

Whole Body Preservation Unit without Formalin

Whole Body Preservation Unit with Formalin

Central Formalin Supply System / Disposal System

Mortuary Cold Rooms

Stainless Steel Laboratory Furniture and Case Work

Storage Cabinets for Formaline Fixed Specimens


Filing System (Metal) for Paraffin Blocks and Microslides "HistoFile"

Body Transport Systems / Body Storage Systems

Mortuary Cold Rooms (+3°C) and Deep Freezing Rooms (-20°C)