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système de soins de la peau diathermie infrarouge



  • Traitement:

    diathermie infrarouge


Diasculpt is a versatile Body and Face care device. It allows to realize slimming and rejuvenation treatments by Diadermie. Its conception is based on a 1600W generator to ensure a long life. Diasculpt is designed and developed in Europe.

Each device is equipped with 4 handpieces specially developed for the care of body and face. Materials are adapted to the heat and the reflection of red light.
The bulb

Each handpiece has a bulb developed for Diasculpt applications. Indeed, this infrared bulb is resistant to high heat, up to 60 ° C, without the risk of bursting. The particularity of this bulb also lies in the filter. Infrared being part of the light spectrum, this filter allows light to act only between 650 and 900nm.
Pulsed air

Each handpiece is equipped with pulsed air system. This cooling system is essential to fully take advantage of short infrared. Indeed, the pulsed air makes it possible to cool down the surface of the skin and also the bulb.