Table d'opération universelle Famed VIDAR
hydrauliqueTrendelenburgTrendelenburg inversé

table d'opération universelle
table d'opération universelle
table d'opération universelle
table d'opération universelle
table d'opération universelle
table d'opération universelle
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Trendelenburg, Trendelenburg inversé, mobile, élévatrice

2 030 mm
(79,9 in)


650 mm
(25,6 in)


Max: 1 110 mm
(44 in)

Min: 810 mm
(32 in)

Charge maximale

150 kg
(330,69 lb)


Functional and affordable operating and treatment table designed to perform uncomplicated procedures for dressing, surgery, orthopaedics, proctology, urology, gynecology, laryngology and others. Simple construction made of high quality carbon steel covered with powder varnish facilitates cleaning and disinfection. The lack of electric control is perfect for the most extreme conditions. VERSATILITY Famed VIDAR is a complete solution that is perfect for ambulatory surgery, one-day surgery or when working in hospital emergency departments. Large wheels, the ability to mount side rails and special handles for easy rolling mean that this simple treatment table can also be used as a patient transport stretcher. FUNCTIONALITY A wide X-ray translucent tabletop, full-length accessory rails, removable headrest and footrests, or stable wedge connections are just some of the features of this treatment table. The possibility of using a wide range of accessories allows the Famed VIDAR to be used during most of the simple surgical procedures. EASY OF ADJUSTMENT A hydraulic pump with a foot lever allows you to easily change the height of the table top. Adjustment of the back segment, Trendelenburg position, headrest and footrests is supported by gas springs. The intuitive lever system and well-thought design make this table easy and effortless to operate. TECHNICAL DATA: - Trendelenburg 25° - Reverse-Trendelenburg 15°
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