insufflateur manuel adulte / réutilisable / avec masque / avec valve PEEP



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    réutilisable, avec masque, avec valve PEEP, en silicone


Resuscitators for adults

Resuscitators are designed for resuscitation respiratory conditions outside the hospital and at the premises of the health service.

When the power supply terminals connected to the oxygen source is possible to administer a mixture of oxygen and the air.

All elements toppingly valve - exhaust can be sterilized up to max. 125 ° C.

Resuscitators are made entirely of silicone latex.
Technical data
Scope: 40 kg and above
Weight resuscitator (with mask): 530 g
Resuscitator size: 12x18x69 cm
Connector patient: 22/15 (ANSI / ISO)
Recommended operating temperature: 0 ° C - 50 ° C
Storage: - 40 ° C - 60 ° C
Gas inlet connection: The outer diameter of 6 mm
Parts and Accessories:
- Mask 5 (4 optional)
- Valve of the patient (without overpressure valve)
- Silicone bag 1600 ml
- Oxygen tank valve and PVC 2600 ml