F.P.S. Food and Pharma Systems

Qui sommes-nous ?

FPS Food and Pharma Systems is a leading company in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical fields, developing, manufacturing and installing worldwide its own range of Fine Size Reduction machines and Containment Solutions (sterile and highly toxic API).

Founded in 2002, aims to develop, design and supply systems to improve process results and optimize energy use, respecting man and environment. Over 13 years the company developed its own range of proprietary equipment, introducing innovations in the jet mill use and supporting food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the introduction of containment technologies in their manufacturing processes.

Nos valeurs

FPS collaborates with the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and cosmetic industries to supply process equipment and solutions that combine all essential elements to guarantee end user needs.

Our company mission is to develop, design and supply micronization and containment systems to improve process results and optimise energy use and man and environmental respect.

Business strategy corresponds:

Investing in new technologies for application in the pharmaceutical industry or apply existing technologies to pharmaceutical industry;
Investigate current technology with different perspective;

Integrate our process knowledge and experience with our customers one to face new challenges.

Notre présence dans le monde